Whats in for you

The main intention of anybody visiting a casino or a pub is for fun first; then comes the money factor. All the players who visit the place take up one or the other game and try to enjoy a win. Some of the casinos conduct these games for charitable purposes and hence try to transfer the money from the players for the social causes. In such situations the prize amounts are kept low and major part of it is given off as charity.

It is not just the prize amount that attracts the players into the casinos but also the ambience and hospitality that is being adopted there. All the staffs are very cordial and try to treat all the customers equally without any differences. They try to keep the game area calm by avoiding the possible conflicts and even if something breaks out big, they try to solve the situation amicably among the players.Callers are the persons who are appointed to each game table and they are the ones who conduct, man and manage the game. They need to be well versed with the rules of the game and try to conduct the game without falling for any player`s tricks and tips. They are strictly restricted from accepting anything from the players which is against the rules of the casino and such persons will be immediately sent out and detained from the jobs. Similarly even the floor walkers act very responsibly and try to keep the gaming atmosphere very calm. They need to sharpen their ears and try to immediately respond to the callers and the players to acknowledge the victory of a player.So a player can comfortably carry on with his game with such disciplined people around and he can be sure of the money reaching his hands without any frauds.